What is safeguard antonym?

What is the synonym and antonym of safeguard?

Some common synonyms of safeguard are defend, guard, protect, and shield. While all these words mean “to keep secure from danger or against attack,” safeguard implies taking precautionary protective measures against merely possible danger.

Which would be the closest antonym for the word safeguard?

antonyms for safeguard

  • endangerment.
  • harm.
  • hurt.
  • injury.

What is the opposite of safeguarding?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of protection from harm, damage, loss, or theft. distrust.

What is the antonym of the word guard?

Opposite of the protective care or guardianship of someone or something. neglect. uncare. desertion.

Is safeguard same as protection?

Safeguarding ensures children grow up with the best life chances and that all individuals are given safe and effective care. … In short terms, safeguarding is what we do to prevent harm, while child protection is the way in which we respond to harm.

What is the synonyms of obscene?

Some common synonyms of obscene are coarse, gross, ribald, and vulgar. While all these words mean “offensive to good taste or morals,” obscene applies to anything strongly repulsive to the sense of decency and propriety especially in sexual matters.

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What is meant by protection?

Protection refers to keeping something or someone safe. Through protection, we shelter and defend things. Since protecting is to shelter from harm, protection is the act of doing so. Children are under the protection of their parents, who keep them safe.

What is to jeopardize mean?

Definition of jeopardize

transitive verb. : to expose to danger or risk : imperil a decision that could jeopardize her career laws jeopardizing freedom of speech. Synonyms Jeopardize Has a Controversial History More Example Sentences Learn More About jeopardize.

How do you use safeguard in a sentence?

Examples of safeguard in a Sentence

Noun The new law has safeguards to protect the rights of citizens. There are many safeguards built into the system to prevent fraud. Verb laws that safeguard the rights of citizens You need to safeguard your computer against viruses.

What is the opposite Safe?

“You are in danger, so come with me if you want to live!”

What is the opposite of safe?

unsafe insecure
at risk dangerous
exposed harmful
risky unguarded
unprotected vulnerable

What is the antonym of mumble?

Mumbling is a way of speaking that’s a little like whispering. … However, mumbling is harder to understand than a whisper. When we mumble, we don’t form out words clearly. Mumbling is the opposite of speaking clearly.

What do you call someone who defends?

defendant Add to list Share. In court, the person who gets sued or accused is called a defendant — they have to defend their innocence or reputation. … Turn on any TV show about lawyers, and you’ll see some of them defending the defendant, and others trying to convict the defendant.

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What do you call someone that protects you?

guardian. noun. a person or organization that guards or protects something.

What is another word for security guard?

Also found in: Dictionary, Acronyms, Wikipedia. portwatcher port watcher patroller night watchman watch spotter sentry watcher watchman security g…