How do I change my security key in swtor?

From your computer, log in to your account on and go to the Security Key Setup page. Click Set up a new Mobile Security Key.

How do I reset my swtor security key?

To do this, go to the main login screen of SWTOR website and enter your username and password and leave the security key field blank. Then on the next screen, choose “Lost Security Key?”. This will send a one time password to your email to verify that you want to remove the security key, then you’re basically set!

How do I add a security key to swtor?

Set up a Physical Security Key

  1. Log in to your account and visit the Security Key Setup page.
  2. Enter the One-Time Password sent to your registered email address. …
  3. Click Set up a new Physical Security Key.

How do I transfer my swtor security key to a new phone?

Unfortunately we are unable to move the security key app from one digital device to another. If you wish to remove the security key you will unfortunately need to phone us. You can find the international phone number for contacting us at the bottom of our support page here.

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Where is the security key vendor?

This vendor is only available to accounts thathave a Security Key attached to them. Click on the images below to see additional full-size images and information on costs for each item. Located on the inner ring of Fleet. Located on the Ilum oribital station.

How do I contact Swtor support?

You may contact a Customer Service representative by using the following toll free number:

  1. USA: 1-(855)-345-2186 (Support available Monday – Saturday from 09.00 CST – 18.00 CST)
  2. UK: +44 (0)208 1969 890 (Support available Monday – Saturday from 15.00 UTC – 00.00 UTC)

Can f2p get free Cartel Coins for Security Key?

A security key is a way of guaranteeing your account will never be compromised by someone who doesn’t also have access to your phone or computer. Setting up a security key also gives you 100 free cartel coins a month, even if you’re a free-to-play player!

Why do I keep getting one-time password on Swtor?

The one-time password happens when the game detects that you are logging in from a different IP. This is a security measure for when someone else tries to log into your account.

What is the serial number for Swtor security key?

For the Physical Security Key, the serial number is visible on the back of the security key. For the Mobile Security Key, the serial number is assigned to you when you set up your mobile security key.

How do I find my swtor security key serial number?

Log in to your account at and go to the account management page (top right corner). Then click on “Security Key” in the menu on the left hand side. Click on “Add mobile security key” and it will display a 7 digit number that you need to put into the app on your phone.

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Can you play swtor on Android?

The wildly anticipated Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively multiplayer entry into BioWare’s amazing Knights of the Old Republic series, is making records and headlines all over the gaming world this holiday season. And now you can get a piece of that awesome experience on your Android phone! Except that you can’t.

How many crew skills can you have Swtor?

The simple rules state that you are allowed to have up to three crew skills in total if you are a Subscriber. If you are Preferred Status Player, you have access to two Crew Skills.

How do you authenticate in swtor?

Go to the “My Account” page here and then where it says “Ensure your account is most secured!”, click Security Key next to it. Then at the right it will say, “Already have a security key? Set it up now!”. Click that, put the code in from your key and you will have access to the vendor.