You asked: Is Madea Witness Protection on Amazon Prime?

Where can I watch Madea’s Witness Protection Program?

Watch Madea’s Witness Protection on Netflix Today!

Is Madea Witness Protection on Hulu?

You can actually find most of Tyler Perry’s Madea movies on Hulu, including “Madea Goes to Jail,” “Madea’s Big Happy Family,” “Madea’s Witness Protection,” and more.

How much money did Madea get in witness protection?

With total box office gross of about $67 million, Madea’s Witness Protection is in the top three of Tyler Perry’s most successful movies, after Boo! A Madea Halloween and Madea Goes to Jail.

Madea’s Witness Protection
Budget $20 million
Box office $66.9 million

What is witness protection?

Witness protection is security provided to a threatened person providing testimonial evidence to the justice system, including defendants and other clients, before, during, and after a trial, usually by police. … It is also used at war crime trials.

Is Madea’s Witness Protection funny?

It’s a flat-out comedy starring Madea and Eugene Levy. The jokes are hilarious and keep coming.

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