Why is Death Guard popular?

Because of Barbarus’s toxic environment, the Death Guard took great pride in their resistance to poisons, disease, and mortality in general. This fascination led them to worship the Chaos God Nurgle and in return he infests their armour with pestilence and disease, and elevated Mortarion to a Daemon Prince.

Can Death Guard summon?

There’s no summoning in the DG codex. The Daemon Codex has summoning rules that can be used still but adding a non-death guard unit to the army probably disables the -1 Toughness contagion.

Can Death Guard summon demons?

But yes, your deathguard character could summon any NURGLE demon with the demonic ritual rule – which is any NURGLE demon from the Chaos Daemon codex.

Does death Guard get hateful assault?

Death Guard as a faction hasn’t had Hateful Assault (the CSM version of Shock Assault, giving them +1 attack in effectively the first round of any combat) for long.

Are Blightlord terminators good?

Overall it is a great unit; potent shooting, potent melee, incredibly tough. Its also Core so it can make use of the Lords buffs.

Can you mix Chaos Space Marines and Death Guard?

Yes. Your army needs to share at least one faction keyword through all your detachments.

Are all Death Guard Plague Marines?

Plague Marines make up the majority of the Death Guard Traitor Legion of Chaos Space Marines, but not all Plague Marines are members of the Death Guard; any Chaos Space Marine or Renegade Space Marine who dedicates himself to the Plague Lord Nurgle may become a Plague Marine.

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Why is Death Guard armor green?

When the Death Guard fleet broke into real space after they were corrupted in the Warp they emerged in their corrupted armor which had changed to a gross greenish hue. All the other armor colors are just vectorums that split off from the norm later.