Who is at the end of The Old Guard?

The final scene of The Old Guard reveals that Quynh (Van Veronica Ngo), Andromache’s old immortal flame, is still alive and free of her horrifying, underwater imprisonment. During the 17th century, Andy and Quynh were captured and tried as witches in England.

Is Andy mortal at the end of The Old Guard?

The end of the movie shows her still leading the Old Guard, even without her immortality and with the understanding that any mission could kill her at this point. … Andy remains immortal throughout, up through the most recent issue of the series.

What does ending of old guard mean?

‘The Old Guard’ ending left key plot points up in the air

It’s decided that he is to go into exile and can’t rejoin them for 100 years. That leads to an emotional goodbye between Andy and Booker. Since she’s likely now mortal, the exile means they may never see each other again.

Is Quynh alive in The Old Guard?

Quynh is an immortal and former member of The Old Guard. She spent several centuries continually drowning in an iron maiden under the sea. … But when he permanently dies in battle, Quynh and Andy realize that their immortality doesn’t last forever.

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Why does Booker betray The Old Guard?

Booker betrays his friends to the sadistic pharmaceutical executive Merrick (Harry Melling) because he is sick of his long life. He cannot handle the pain he experienced when his son died cursing his name, and how the agony only grows over time. Booker wants Merrick to end their boundless suffering.

Why did Andy lose her immortality?

Andy realises that she’s lost her immortality when a stab wound from an earlier fight doesn’t heal. This means that when she’s captured by Merrick and during the final battle, a fatal wound will be just that: fatal.

Did Andy get her immortality back?

The conceit of The Old Guard is that Andy and her team are immortal: They don’t age, they can regenerate from any injury, and they even revive from mortal wounds in a matter of minutes. … The revival she underwent in The Old Guard’s first fight scene was her last, and the next time it’ll be permanent.

Why is it called The Old Guard?

The unit received its unique name from Gen. Winfield Scott during a victory parade at Mexico City in 1847 following its valorous performance in the Mexican War. … A further distinction of The Old Guard is the time-honored custom of passing in-review with fixed bayonets at all parades.

How do The Old Guard become immortal?

They discover their immortality when they are killed (or, rather, not killed) on a battlefield, and spend the centuries after traveling the world in one cohesive group, fighting for what they believe to be right.

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