What is the use of hand protection?

Hand and arm protection must be selected and used when personnel may be exposed to certain hazards, such as: Working with harmful substances, dry or liquid, that can be absorbed through the skin, or that can cause skin irritation, chemical burns, or similar conditions.

What does hand protection mean?

The right safety gloves protect workers from injuries such as hand lacerations, chemical burns, heat burns, hand fatigue, punctures, abrasion injuries and even severed fingers. … An employer can ill-afford to offer incorrect protection or risk having its workers not wear the gloves.

What is hand and arm protection?

Hand and arm protection is required when the risk of injury from cuts/punctures, burns, chemicals, electrical shock, human blood or body fluids, or abrasive material cannot be engineered out of the workplace. There is not a single type of glove that will provide adequate protection from all exposures.

What is the purpose of protective glove?

A safety glove is designed to keep you safe from hazards including cuts, chemical burns, abrasion, crushing or contact with bio-hazards.

Why is the hand so important?

The hand is one of the most complex and beautiful pieces of natural engineering in the human body. It gives us a powerful grip but also allows us to manipulate small objects with great precision. … Most of its movements are controlled by muscles that aren’t located in the hand at all, but in the forearm.

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How can I protect my hands at work?

Keep hands and fingers away from sharp edges (blades, protruding nails, etc.). Never cut toward yourself. Select hand tools that are ergonomic for your hand w/ the right size, low weight, and as grip. Wear gloves that fit your hand and are right for the work being performed.

Is hand sanitizer part of PPE?

A8: PPE is designed to be used with other infection control practices such as hand-washing, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers and covering coughs and sneezes to minimize the spread of infection from one person to another.

What are the protection from hand injury?

Wearing the proper type of PPE, which in the case of your hands would be gloves, is vital when it comes to safety. Protective gloves keep germs and hazardous chemicals off the skin, stop splinters and slivers, resist punctures and cuts from rough or sharp materials and objects, and protect against heat and cold.

What PPE is being used to protect your hands and arms while working?

The main PPE used to protect hands and arms is gloves.

What are common hand and arm injuries?

Wrist and Forearm Injuries

Falls that lead to fractures of the arm can happen in any sport. Wrist fractures are more common in sports like skateboarding, skating, football and soccer. Wrist sprains can also occur when the wrist is bent backward, which tears the ligament connecting the bones in the wrist.