What is the purpose of credential guard quizlet?

Credential Guard is a component of Windows Defender that is a virtualization-based isolation technology for Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS). Its purpose is to prevent attackers from stealing credentials.

What is the function of credential guard?

Credential Guard is a virtualization-based isolation technology for LSASS which prevents attackers from stealing credentials that could be used for pass the hash attacks. Credential Guard was introduced with Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system.

Which of the following are minimum requirements to implement credential guard select three?

Credential Guard prerequisites

  • Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019.
  • UEFI without CSM enabled.
  • 64-bit Windows.
  • Secure Boot enabled.
  • Processor with both virtualization extensions and Secondary Level Address Translation.
  • TPM recommended (not required)
  • Hyper-V turned on in Windows Features.

Which of the following hardware is needed to use Windows Hello?

How to Check If Your PC Supports Windows Hello. The requirements are simple: you need the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (AU) and either an iris scanner, a fingerprint reader, or a special near-infrared 3D camera.

How effective is credential guard?

It is particularly effective against pass-the-hash attacks because it protects NT LAN Manager (NTLM) password hashes and Kerberos Ticket Granting Tickets. Microsoft Windows Defender Credential Guard stores randomized full-length hashes to fight back against trial-and-error threats such as brute-force attacks.

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Which of the following are minimum requirements to implement credential guard quizlet?

Credential Guard is available only on 64-bit editions of Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education. The CPU must support Second Layer Address Translation (SLAT). You must enable virtualization in the UEFI firmware. You must have a TMP chip on the motherboard.

Is credential guard enabled by default?

EXE process that runs in the main OS to ensure support with existing processes but is just acting as a proxy to communicate with the version in VSM ensuring actual credentials run on the version in VSM and are therefore protected from attack. Credential Guard isn’t enabled by default.

How do I know if HVCI is enabled?

How do I verify that HVCI is enabled? HVCI is labeled Memory integrity in the Windows Security app and it can be accessed via Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Device security > Core isolation details > Memory integrity.

Can I delete Windows Hello face?

Click Start , and then click Settings . Click Accounts. On the Settings menu, click Sign-in options. In the Windows Hello area under Face Recognition, click Remove.

Which edition of Windows 10 is domain capable?

Microsoft provides the join a domain option on three versions of Windows 10. Windows 10 Pro, Windows Enterprise and the Windows 10 Education. If you are running the Windows 10 Education version on your computer, you should be able to join a domain.