What is the key role of security architects with respect to enterprise architecture artifacts?

The role of the information security architect demands business insight; technical acuity; and the ability to think, communicate and write at various levels of abstraction.

What does Enterprise Security Architecture do?

An Enterprise Security Architect secures enterprise information by determining security requirements; planning, implementing, and testing security systems; preparing security standards, policies, and procedures and mentoring team members.

Is security architecture part of enterprise architecture?

Security processes. Each domain has a component of Security in it. … You’ll have strategies tied to the various architecture domains, including security architecture. But that assumes that security architecture is part of the Enterprise Architecture group and not part of a separate group like Enterprise Security.

What is the best approach to secure the IT enterprise architecture?

Personally, I believe the best approach to enterprise risk and security management (ERSM) is to rely on several open standards, most notably the ArchiMate standard for enterprise architecture modeling, as well as the Open FAIR standard for information risk management.

What is the main function of the enterprise architect role?

The enterprise architect role

An enterprise architect is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of an organization’s IT networks and services. As an enterprise architect, you will be responsible for overseeing, improving and upgrading enterprise services, software and hardware.

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What are the 7 layers of security?

7 Layers of Security

  • Information Security Policies. These policies are the foundation of the security and well-being of our resources. …
  • Physical Security. …
  • Secure Networks and Systems. …
  • Vulnerability Programs. …
  • Strong Access Control Measures. …
  • Protect and Backup Data. …
  • Monitor and Test Your Systems.

What are the elements of security architecture?

Elements of a Security Architecture

  • • the abstract design of the three techniques;
  • • basic technical enforcement mechanisms for achieving isolation and, to a minor extent, redundancy and indistinguishability;
  • • the basic vulnerabilities of computing systems; and.
  • • the need for establishing trust.

What are the benefits of enterprise architecture?

The benefits of having an Enterprise Architecture are: Frees unit IT staff time to work mission-specific projects and innovations. Enables more innovation at the departmental level. Provides a stronger technology infrastructure at the central technology core.