What is McAfee endpoint threat protection?

McAfee® Endpoint Security Threat Prevention prevents threats from accessing systems, scans files automatically when they are accessed, and runs targeted scans for malware on client systems. Endpoint Security Threat Prevention detects threats based on security content files.

What is McAfee Endpoint Protection?

McAfee’s Endpoint Protection Platform offers a powerful suite of tools designed to protect your business against a wide variety of threats, from viruses to data exfiltration to zero-day and fileless threats. … McAfee MVISION Mobile features on-device threat detection and protection for iOS ND Android mobile devices.

Is McAfee Endpoint Security an antivirus?

McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection is an antimalware protection product that is designed to secure Windows systems against malware, data loss and other threats in standalone or networked environments.

What is McAfee Endpoint security threat prevention?

The Threat Prevention module in McAfee Endpoint Security 10 provides a content-based Exploit Prevention capability. This capability replaces McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.8’s buffer overflow protection and provides a broader range of coverage against vulnerabilities and exploits.

Do I need endpoint protection?

As hackers continue to target confidential company data, it is important to secure every device connected to the central network to avoid data breaches. A good MSP security offering should include endpoint protection alongside other solutions, such as a backup and disaster recovery program.

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What is the difference between endpoint security and antivirus?

Endpoint security solutions cover your entire network and protect against different types of security attacks, while antivirus software covers a single endpoint and only detects and blocks malicious files.

How does McAfee Antivirus work?

McAfee Antivirus software works to block viruses from entering your computer system and kill or quarantine viruses that have some broken through the firewall. … Once the scan is complete, the program is prepared to impede the entry of malware on a computer system or destroy it, if it is already on the system.

What should I look for in endpoint protection?

7 Factors to Consider When Evaluating Endpoint Protection Solutions

  • Don’t underestimate the risks of mobility. …
  • Avoid drowning in the noise of alerts. …
  • Secure the endpoint locally. …
  • Keep it simple, silly. …
  • Build for the worst-case scenario. …
  • Drive compliance across all endpoints. …
  • Don’t trust blindly.

What is the latest version of McAfee Endpoint Security?

Release details

Component Version
McAfee® Endpoint Security Platform
McAfee® Endpoint Security Platform extension
McAfee® Endpoint Security Threat Prevention
McAfee® Endpoint Security Threat Prevention extension