What is essentials protect for?

EssentialsProtect is a basic world protection system, this module allows you to configure basic rules for the server to abide by, such as preventing creepers from destroying buildings, and preventing fire spread, controlling which mobs are allowed to spawn.

What does essentials anti build do?

AntiBuild allows you to give permissions to players that only allow them to place or break certain blocks.

How do I protect my chest with essentials?

Noxity. Sorry for bumping, but you can lock a chest with Essentials. Place a sign next to it headed “[Protection]” and it should change colour, put your username underneath and then protect the chest.

What is Minecraft Essentials plugin?

About EssentialsX

EssentialsX is the essential plugin suite for Spigot servers, including over 130 commands and countless features for servers of any scale! EssentialsX is a continuation of the original Essentials 2 plugin for Bukkit servers, adding support for the latest Minecraft versions.

How do I give permission to world edit?

You can give the worldedit. * permission to give yourself and other administrators full access to WorldEdit.


Command Permission
/schematic save worldedit.clipboard.save , worldedit.schematic.save
//copy worldedit.clipboard.copy
//cut worldedit.clipboard.cut
//paste worldedit.clipboard.paste

How do you give someone a rank in Luckperms?


  1. Type /lp creategroup , replacing with what you want the group to be called.
  2. To assign somebody to the group you created, type /lp user parent set .
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How do I use ex permissions?


  1. Download PEX.
  2. Add it to your plugins folder.
  3. Start your server.
  4. Join your server, make sure PEX started correctly by typing /pl if it says PermissionsEX you’re ok!
  5. Go to the console and type /pex user [yourname] add * this gives you permission to set the permissions ingame!

How do I install essentials?

Installing Essentials Plugins

  1. Make sure your server is not running.
  2. Open the zip archive.
  3. Extract the . jar files ”’you want”’ from the archive, into your plugins directory. …
  4. Start the server.
  5. If you made a backup of your config. yml file, stop the server and edit the newly generated config. …
  6. Start the server.
  7. Enjoy!

How do I enable essentials signs?

To enable an Essentials sign, remove the “hashtag” (#) directly before each sign that you would like to enable. Be sure to remove ONLY the hashtag. 7. Once you have enabled the sings of your choosing, click the “Save File” button to save those changes.

How do I get essentials plugins?

How to install essentials plugin for Minecraft?

  1. Expand/Unzip the archives.
  2. Upload the files to the /plugins/ directory using FTP (either directly via Multicraft or a standard FTP client).
  3. Restart your Minecraft server via Multicraft.

How do I turn off essentials commands?

Use the commands. yml to override them or remove them from the plugin. yml in the essentials jar or just disable them in the essentials config. Please do note that essentials also has e-aliases for every command.