What is distribution system protection?

Protection schemes are provided for distribution systems for quick disconnection of faulty section from the remaining healthy portion of power system. Main aim of protection schemes is to restrict the fault spread. Normally distribution lines and feeders are protected by over current relays [5].

What are the main objectives of distribution system protection?

1 Objective of Distribution System Protection

To eliminate safety hazards as fast as possible II. To limit service outages to the smallest possible segment of the system III. To protect the consumers’ apparatus IV. To protect the system from unnecessary service interruptions and disturbances V.

Why do we need to protect the distribution lines?

The objective of protection is to remove only the affected portion of plant and nothing else. A circuit breaker or protection relay may fail to operate. In important systems, a failure of primary protection will usually result in the operation of back-up protection.

What is the protection system?

Protection System Definition. Page 1. Protection System Definition. Current Approved Definition: Protective relays, associated communication systems, voltage and current sensing devices, station batteries and DC control circuitry.

What is the primary function of protection devices?

Protective devices are used to maintain the primary function by means such as bringing in standby equipment when the main equipment fails or to provide protection in relation to secondary functions such as safety or environment.

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How do you protect distribution lines?

Normally distribution lines and feeders are protected by over current relays [5]. Over current relays are used as primary as well as in backup protection relays for the distribution networks.

What are the requirements of protection of lines?

The protection scheme must satisfy the following requirements: a) Under normal conditions the breakers are not tripped. b) Under fault conditions only the breakers closest to the fault on the source side are tripped. c) If the closest breaker fails to operate, the next breaker closer to the source should trip.

Which relay is used for distribution lines?

Distance relay: Distance relay is widely used for the protection of high-voltage AC transmission line and distribution lines.

What is the drawback of protection system?

Disadvantages: The downside was the challenge of installing and testing such a complicated scheme with the potential for mis-operation. I don’t recall any mis-operations occurring, but it was still a bit “dicey”.

Should system protection be on or off?

It is highly recommended to leave system protection turned on for your Windows drive (ex: C: ) to be able to quickly restore Windows 10 back to a previous restore point as needed. Restore points are not meant to take the place of backups and system images.