What does Protection 3 go on?

All other pieces of armor with protection will add additional damage reduction in the same way the boots would. Protection appears to be one step down from specific defenses (ex: Protection III = Feather Falling II when taking fall damage, or Protection III = Fire Protection II when in lava).

What is protection 4 Minecraft?

Protection is an enchantment applied to armor that increases the armor’s damage reduction.


Maximum level IV
Enchantment weight 10
Namespaced ID protection
Incompatible with Blast Protection, Fire Protection, Projectile Protection

Is protection 5 a thing?

The only way you could ever get Protection V (5) is with mods or commands – otherwise, it was never possible to get it by enchanting or using an anvil to combine items.

Is protection III worth it?

Putting Protection III on two separate pieces is better since Protection III provides 3 EPF points while Protection IV provides 5, so Protection III on two pieces provides a total of 6 EPF; note also that the extra 2-4% damage reduction is more significant than it sounds for the same reason full diamond armor provides …

Is blast protection better than protection?

The main difference between Protection and Blast Protection is that the latter focuses much more on giving you more protection from explosions. However, Protection will give you overall damage reduction, but at a much lower reduction rate.

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What is Aqua affinity?

Aqua Affinity is a helmet enchantment that increases underwater mining speed.

Can you get a prot 5 villager?

A villager with a level 5 enchanted book trade from 18w22a or before would have to be acquired first. … This trade is updateable, meaning infinite amounts of protection V books are possible without item duplication.

How good is protection 4?

4 protects 3.5% so just round it to 4 which equals to 16 more percent. so diamond armor protection 4 protects 96% of damage to mobs but you only protect 16% of fall damage don to you.

Is sharpness 5 possible?

The maximum level for the Sharpness enchantment is Level 5. This means that you can enchant an item with up to Sharpness V. The higher the level, the more powerful the enchantment.

Which protection Enchantment is the best?

Best Nether Enchantments in Minecraft

Fire Protection: Fire Protection reduces the damage you take from all sources of heat (most notably fire and lava). Since the Nether has lava and fire everywhere, this is a necessary enchantment to stay protected.