What does Microsoft 365 E5 security include?

This includes Microsoft Threat Protection, (Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Windows Defender ATP, and Office 365 ATP including Threat Intelligence), Microsoft Cloud App Security and Azure Active Directory. This subscription is available at no additional cost for E5 users, and is included in your subscription.

Does Microsoft E5 include security?

Office 365 E5 is a cloud-based suite of productivity apps combined with advanced voice, analytics, security, and compliance services.

What’s included in m365 E5 security?

Microsoft 365 E5 includes

  • Word.
  • Excel.
  • PowerPoint.
  • Outlook.
  • OneNote.
  • SharePoint.
  • OneDrive.
  • Microsoft Teams.

What is Microsoft 365 E5 security?

Microsoft 365 E5 combines best-in-class productivity apps with advanced security, compliance, voice, and analytical capabilities. Extend identity and threat protection with integrated and automated security to help stop damaging attacks.

What is included in E5 compliance?

Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance

  • Data loss prevention. Identify, monitor, and automatically protect sensitive information stored across Office 365 locations. …
  • Sensitive information types. …
  • Event-driven retention. …
  • Advanced Message Encryption. …
  • Communication Compliance. …
  • Customer Lockbox. …
  • Advanced Audit. …
  • Microsoft 365 compliance center.
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Does Office 365 E5 include audio conferencing?

The Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan includes most Skype for Business features. There are just a few additional options. Audio Conferencing is included! Once you buy the license, Microsoft will be your audio conferencing provider.

Does Microsoft 365 E5 include calling plan?

The Microsoft 365 E5 license included the Phone System license and the Audio Conferencing license. … With the news of a Calling Plan for Microsoft 365 E5 customers, you will be able to, at no extra charge, get a 120-minute Domestic Calling Plan for each of your licensed E5 users.

How do I know if I have Office 365 E5?

Click Settings, and then under My app settings, choose Office 365. On the My account page, choose Subscriptions. You’ll see the services that you’re licensed to use, such as the latest desktop version of Office, SharePoint in Microsoft 365 or OneDrive for work or school, and Exchange Online.

Do all users need E5 license?

E5 licenses are a great choice, however that does not mean every user within your organization needs an Office 365 E5 or Microsoft 365 E5 license. Users who only work with users within your organization probably have no need for PSTN conferencing capabilities and therefore a lower tier license may be appropriate.

Does Microsoft 365 E5 include Visio?

The Visio web app in Microsoft 365 will be available for the following licenses: Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 Apps for business, Office 365 E1, Office 365 E3, Office 365 E5, Office 365 F3, Microsoft 365 F3 (includes Office 365 F3), …

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How does AIP work in Office 365?

Azure Information Protection (AIP) Implementation Services for Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange

  1. Automatically encrypt emails and documents at point of creation.
  2. Automatically determines level of security based on content.
  3. Scans and applies policies retrospectively to legacy documents.
  4. Integrates with all DMS systems.

What is included in Office 365 F1?

Office 365 F1

  • $4.00 per user/month.
  • 24/7 phone support.
  • The suite of Office mobile apps on up to 5 devices per user.
  • Outlook with 2GB per user.
  • Microsoft Teams (one-on-one calls only)
  • Online meetings (which lets employees attend Skype Business meetings via their browser)
  • 2GB OneDrive Storage per user.

Does Microsoft 365 business include conditional access?

Conditional Access and Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

Microsoft 365 Business includes advanced Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities that you can configure together with Conditional Access policies in order to gain additional assurance that account logins are made by the account’s legitimate owner.

Does E5 include MCAS?

EMS E5 includes all CASB capabilities. … This is a standalone license that includes all CASB functionality for first and third-party applications. This per-user license includes an unlimited number of apps to be connected and protected for each user.

What does tenant level mean?

For the purposes of this article, a tenant-level service is an online service that—when purchased for any user in the tenant (standalone or as part of Office 365 or Microsoft 365 plans)—is activated in part or in full for all users in the tenant.