What are the duties of port facility security officer?

What are the duties of a port facility security officer?

Developing, maintaining and supervising the implementation of a Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP) Conducting periodic inspections of the port for which the participant is designated to act as the Port Facility Security Officer to ensure appropriate security measures are implemented and maintained.

What is port facility security officer?

marine. Person designated as responsible for the development, implementation, revision, and maintenance of the port facility security plan and for liason with the port authorities and Ship Security Officers and Company Security Officer.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the ship security officer?

The main responsibilities of ship security officer (SSO) are: Implementing and maintaining the ship security plan (SSP) Conducting security inspections at regular intervals of time to ensure that proper security steps are taken. Making changes to the ship security plan if need arise.

What is ship Security Officer?

marine. The specific individual onboard the ship who is designated by the Company. The SSO reports to the Master for the overall management and oversight of all shipboard security policies, programs and procedures.

What is ISPS Code and who does it apply to?

It applies to the ships doing international voyages which include passenger ships & cargo ships of 500 GT and above.

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Who is company security officer?

The company official from the ship operator who will be responsible for developing, maintaining and enforcing the company security policies as set out in the Ship Security Plan.

Who is responsible for setting security levels?

The security levels are decided by the cooperation of ship and port authorities, keeping the current condition of national and international security. The local government sets the security level and ensures to inform port state and ships prior to entering the port, or when berthed in the port.

What is a security regulated port?

Port security zones

Security zones are areas within a security regulated port that are subject to higher security measures than other areas. They are established to restrict general public access and prevent interference with ships, facilities, people, vehicles or vessels.

What are the 3 security levels of ISPS Code?

The three levels of ISPS security are:

  • ISPS Security Level 1 – normal – this is the level at which the ships and port facilities operate under normal conditions. …
  • Security Level 2 – heightened – this is a level that will apply whenever there is a heightened risk of a security incident.