Question: Which one is not used as a security mechanism Mcq?

Wallets is not used as a security mechanism.

Which one is not used as a security mechanism *?

Wallets is not used as a security mechanism.

Which one is not a security?

A non-security is an alternative investment that is not traded on a public exchange as stocks and bonds are. Assets such as art, rare coins, life insurance, gold, and diamonds all are non-securities. Non-securities by definition are not liquid assets.

What is used as a security mechanism?

Security mechanisms are technical tools and techniques that are used to implement security services. A mechanism might operate by itself, or with others, to provide a particular service. Examples of common security mechanisms are as follows: Cryptography.

Which of the following is related to security mechanism?

Solution: Encryption, decryption and firewall is a useful security mechanism when considering business strategy and IT.

What is secret key in cryptography?

In symmetric cryptography a secret key (or “private key”) is a piece of information or a framework that is used to decrypt and encrypt messages. Each party to a conversation that is intended to be private possesses a common secret key. … For that reason, asymmetric or public-key cryptography can be used to share a key.

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Which is not a feature of eCommerce?

BPR is not a feature of eCommerce. Business process re-engineering is a business management strategy, originally pioneered in the early 1990s, focusing on the analysis and design of workflows and business processes within an organization.

Which among the following is a security threat?

Information Security threats can be many like Software attacks, theft of intellectual property, identity theft, theft of equipment or information, sabotage, and information extortion.

Which type of authentication is most secure Mcq?

Nowadays, the usage of biometric devices such as hand scanners and retinal scanners is becoming more common in the business environment. It is the most secure method of authentication.

What are the different types of security services?

Types of Private Security Services

  • Uniformed Officers. …
  • Concierge/ Lobby Security Service. …
  • Construction Security. …
  • Temporary Security. …
  • Security Patrol Vehicles. …
  • Executive Protection. …
  • Security Consultation. …
  • Workplace Violence Response Planning.

What are security design principles?

The security design principles are considered while designing any security mechanism for a system. These principles are review to develop a secure system which prevents the security flaws and also prevents unwanted access to the system.

How security services and mechanisms are related?

➢ Security Attack: Any action that compromises the security of information. ➢ Security Mechanism: A mechanism that is designed to detect, prevent, or recover from a security attack. ➢ Security Service: A service that enhances the security of data processing systems and information transfers.