How tall should a color guard flag be?

A good rule of thumb is that your flag should be exactly ½ the length for your pole. For example, if your flag has a header of 36”, then your pole should be 6′ long.

How long is a standard color guard flag pole?

Advanced groups often use up to 7′ poles for their standard length. A few even use 7.5′, but most high school guards should use from 5.5′ – 6.5′ poles.

What is the size of the color guard?

The number of members in a color guard can range from a single person to over 50 members. This is often dependent on the size of the band, school or corps, the allotted budget, and the talent available among the potential members who try out.

What equipment is used in color guard?

Color guard teams can be found in American colleges, universities, high schools, middle schools and independent drum corps. They use various equipment including, flags, non-functioning rifles, and sabres, along with other props.

Is color guard in the Olympics?

Members of color guard teams march along with their fellow marching band members. … Color guard has been considered to be both an athletic competition and an art. Due to its popularity, it has been suggested that color guard be included in the Olympics games. A high school colorguard getting ready to perform.

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Can you weight a flag?

A flag weight is used at the bottom of a flag arrangement to help keep the retainer down on the flag pole when experiencing high wind. Especially with lightweight and very large flags, the wind can pick up the flag, sliding the hardware up the flagpole.

What fabric is color guard flags made of?

Material. Color Guard flag poles come in three materials, aluminum, fiberglass, and PVC, which material you choose will come down to your own personal preference.

How much does a flag weigh?

Recommended exposed pole height: 100′ Weighs 53.5 lbs. Made in the USA.