How do I install Trend Micro Deep Security?

How do I open Trend Micro Deep Security?

Open a command prompt and go to %ProgramFiles%Trend MicroDeep Security Manager. This will create the diagnostic.

How do you install a Deep Security Relay?

Installing the Deep Security Relay

  1. Double-click the installation file to run the installer package. …
  2. Accept the license agreement and click Next to continue.
  3. Select the features that you want to install. …
  4. Click Install to proceed with the installation.
  5. Click Finish to complete the installation.

How do I install Trend Micro agent?

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

  1. In the web console, go to Agents > Agent Installation > Remote.
  2. Select the target endpoints. …
  3. Type the user name and password and then click Log in. …
  4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add more endpoints.
  5. Click Install when you are ready to install the OfficeScan agent to target endpoints.

How do I deploy a deep security agent?

Install an Ubuntu or Debian agent

  1. Go to Administration > Updates > Software > Download Center.
  2. Import the agent package into Deep Security Manager.
  3. , and then export the installer (. deb file).
  4. Copy the installer file to the computer.
  5. Install the agent. sudo dpkg -i
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How do I start Trend Micro services?

Windows desktop

  1. Open the Windows Task Manager.
  2. Click the Services tab.
  3. Right click the Trend Micro Deep Security Manager service, and then click Restart.

How do I check Trend Micro Deep Security logs?

To enable detailed logging:

  1. Create a file named ds_agent. ini under the %SystemRoot% directory (example: C:Windowsds_agent. ini).
  2. Put the following line inside the file: Trace=Appl Beat Cmd Cfg Conn HTTP Log Lstn Srvc SSL.
  3. Restart the Trend Micro Deep Security Agent service.

How do I check my deep security relay version?

Enable a relay

  1. Verify that the agent is activated.
  2. Verify that the agent is not already a relay.
  3. Go to Administration > Updates > Software > Local and verify that the corresponding package has been imported.
  4. Verify that the computer is running a 64-bit version of the agent software.

What is Deep Security Manager?

Deep Security Manager, the centralized web-based management console that administrators use to configure security policy and deploy protection to the enforcement components: the Deep Security Virtual Appliance and the Deep Security Agent.

How do I check my Deep Security Manager version?

Deep Security Manager version (On-Premise)

  1. Open the Deep Security Manager console.
  2. Click Support > About. A pop-up window will appear showing the product version you are currently using.

What does Trend Micro security agent do?

The Client/Server Security Agent reports to the Trend Micro WFBS-SVC Server. To provide the very latest Client information, the Agent sends event status information in real time. Agents report events such as threat detection, Agent startup, Agent shutdown, start of a scan, and completion of an update.

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Why is my Trend Micro security agent offline?

Agents appear offline in the OfficeScan management console because of several reasons: The Apex One agent cannot communicate with the Apex One server. The configuration of the individual Apex One agents differs from that of the server.

How do I know if Trend Micro is installed on Linux?

To check the agent version and module configuration on a Linux machine, use the following commands:

  1. Agent Version. – rpm -qa ds_agent. For Example: $ rpm -qa ds_agent. ds_agent-20.0.0-877.el6.i686. …
  2. Module Configuration. – /opt/ds_agent/sendCommand –get GetConfiguration | grep “Feature ” Where: 1 – On. 2 – Off.

How do I download Deep Security Agent?

How to Install Trend Micro Deep Security Agent on Linux?

  1. Navigate to theTrend Micro Deep Security Agent Install Manager on your computer and click Administration Updates Software Download Center. …
  2. Navigate to Administration on Deep Security Manager Updates Software Local choose the agent.
  3. Choose Export Export Installer.