Frequent question: What is Signal 88 Security walmart?

What does Signal 88 Security do?

Signal 88’s state-of-the-art 88Edge technology helps officers patrol safely and effectively. Their digital reports – including photos, videos, and GPS data – are always available to clients for total accountability.

Is signal 88 a good place to work?

Great Experience & Great Pay.

Who is the owner of Signal 88 Security?

Reed Nyffeler – CEO and Co-founder – Signal 88 Franchise Group | LinkedIn.

Does signal 88 drug test?

Employees will be drug tested if there is a suspicion of drug use.

What is a roving patrol?

A roving officer will patrol a designated area for the length of time they are on shift. Their job involves a mix of deterring crime by being visible and spotting incidents as, or even before, they happen. Some law enforcement agencies also use local volunteers as community roving officers.

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