Does UV glass protect art?

Most glass does little to protect artwork when exposed to direct, harsh sunlight. … Non-glare glass and even specially coated ultraviolet glass does little to protect art from fading.

Does UV protective glass work?

Standard glass (most commonly soda lime glass, which is used for both windows and picture frame glazing) actually provides some UV protection, absorbing about 97% of UVB rays; however, UVA rays, which also cause damage, can still penetrate the glass.

How can I protect my art prints?

Use acrylic plastic glazing to cover your print in the frame, instead of glass because it is lightweight, it causes no condensation and acrylic plastic is offered with ultraviolet light absorbers. Prints should never have any direct contact with the glass or other glazing. Always use a window mat with frame.

How do you make UV glass resistant?

Another method of ensuring that your glass is UV protective is by applying a window tint or film to the glass. These tints and films are available in a range of colours from completely clear through to varying shades of gray and they block up to 99 percent of UV rays.

How can you tell if a picture glass is UV protected?

It should go from bright purple to almost black as you slide the glass in front of the mat. (Do it in a dark room). If you get the same effect from the “unknown” glass, it is most likely UV filtering. But, if you get a BRIGHT GLOW of purple through the glass, it is most likely NOT UV filtering.

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How do you protect UV photos?

The first and easiest way to avoid UV light exposure is to keep your framed photographs, artwork or documents out of harm’s way by placing them on walls or shelves where they will not be exposed to sunlight through windows or skylights, or to overhead florescent lighting (see photo above).

How do you protect unframed artwork?

The best way to pack up an unframed artwork or a canvas is to wrap it up in glassine, an air and water-resistant material and securely place it in between two sheets (slightly bigger than the artwork) of another sturdy material like foam or cardboard.

How can I protect my artwork on glass?

To protect your art from sunlight, the best method is to place your art in a spot that’s free from direct sunlight. If you can’t find a place that’s free of sunlight, you can limit sun damage to your art by lining your window with a UV film or getting a frame made of conservation glass.