Can you change your MOS in the National Guard before basic training?

Can I change MOS before basic?

Yes you can change your MOS once you’re in the Army but it’s not nearly as simple or easy later on. You have more choices at the MEPS. If you have not attended basic training yet, simply ask your recruiter to change your MOS. …

Can I change my MOS in the National Guard?

Yes. Anyone can be moved to another MOS based on the needs of the Army. Usually though, when you enlist specifically for the National Guard, you will have a nearby unit that has an opening, and you will enlist for an MOS that they need.

How soon can you Reclass in the National Guard?

usually you can reclass once you decide to re-enlist/extend. I haven’t know anybody to reclass in the middle of their current contract. Also keep in mind you might not be able to reclass and stay in your current unit due to no open slots for that mos and your rank.

Can you change your MOS after signing your contract?

It’s important to talk with your recruiter about possible changes to your MOS before you sign the contract. Once you’ve signed, you’ll have to complete your assignment before you can make any changes. The exception is mandatory reclassification. … In some cases, an MOS is eliminated from the MOS structure.

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Can I change my MOS before MEPS?


Where do most 88H get stationed?

As an 88H, you could be assigned to:

  • An S4 Shop.
  • A Transportation Company.
  • A port.
  • A MOB Station.
  • An airport.
  • A rail yard.
  • A warehouse.
  • Or just about anywhere else!

Can you have 2 MOS army?

Yes, a Service member can have more than one MOS, a Primary, Secondary and Alternate. For qualification, SM must attend the training for each MOS. … SM has an admin MOS (42A) as primary, and a military police (31B) MOS as secondary. the SM must be in a admin duty position.

What Army MOS is in high demand?

Current (subject to change based on Army requirements) high demand MOSs include:

  • 18X (Spec Forces; Elementary Lang Proficiency)
  • 37F (Psychological Operations Specialist)
  • 25P (Microwave Systems Operator-Maintainer.
  • 35M (Human Intelligence Collector: Lang Proficiency)
  • 14P (Air Missile Defense Crew Member)

Does 6 years in the National Guard make you a veteran?

Does 6 years in the National Guard make you a veteran? Yes, if you spent at least 180 days of that 6 years deployed on federal active duty orders. A 2016 change to federal law expanded the definition of “veteran” for many National Guard members.

What disqualifies you from joining the National Guard?

There are age, citizenship, physical, education, height/weight, criminal record, medical, and drug history standards that can exclude you from joining the military. … Here is a look at some of the basic qualifications to enlist in the military.

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Do prior service keep their rank?

Can I keep my rank when I enter the Air Force with prior service? Your rank will be determined by an Air Force Liaison Counselor at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) according to current Air Force Instruction.