Best answer: Is Brinks security still in business?

With over 150 years in the security business, Brinks is still going strong with cutting-edge technology and ultra-fast response times.

Are Brinks and ADT the same company?

ADT is the oldest alarm company in the country, with a history spanning over a century. Brinks, on the other hand, may not be as experienced as ADT, but it has developed into a household name in the alarm industry.

How many customers does Brinks Home Security have?

The Brinks Home

We provide cutting-edge products and alarm monitoring services to more than 1 million customers throughout North America – a responsibility we take very seriously.

Does Brinks security require a contract?

Brinks home security equipment packages range from $199 to $699, and monitoring plans range from $39 to $49.99 a month depending on the package you select. You can customize packages with additional equipment if you wish. A three-year monitoring contract is required.

Did Brinks buy protect America?

Protect America transferred your account to Brinks Home Security on July 9. … We are happy to be your full-service provider and have over 25 years of experience with professional smart home security.

How long has Brinks Home Security been in business?

Brink’s Global Logo (1981–present)

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One of the oldest commercial brands in the world, Brink’s has been synonymous with security and trust since being founded in 1859 and is today known around the world.

How do I get out of my Brinks contract?

How do I cancel my Brinks Home Security contract? To cancel your Brinks Home Security contract, call 800-447-9239.

Who are Brinks competitors?

Brink’s’s competitors

Brink’s’s top competitors include Resideo, Allied Universal, GardaWorld and G4S. Brink’s is an American security and protection company.

Can I use Brinks system without service?

They require a programmer be physically attached to the panel. Brink’s owns the equipment, but since you bought the home from the original owner, they have no way to enforce ownership. However, they have no requirement to service it, either.

How much does it cost to cancel Brinks?

Brinks requires a 3-year contract and charges 100% of your remaining contract if you want to cancel.

Does Protect America still exist?

Protect America isn’t a perfect system (there’s really no such thing), but they do offer total home protection, DIY installation, touchscreen control panels, and easy-to-understand plans (a few things we liked!).