Are Nike J shin guards good?

These are good shin guards but run small! We bought the Large for my daughter and they wouldn’t even fit on her leg so we had to give them to my son. They are a good quality product and fit nicely, but run very small in my opinion so buy a size larger than you think.

Are J Guards good?

Overall: As a whole, with the extremely low price of $10 you shouldn’t expect anything highly impressive. The thin, flexible, and lightweight shin guard won’t provide too much protection with its fairly small size. Although, if you are looking for something just like that, this is currently the best offer at its price.

What shin guards do pros use?

I believe that the Mercurial Lite Shin guards are the one most professional soccer players use. They are light, simple, and protect pretty well. They also normally come with a shin guard sock that works great to keep them in place. In terms of availability, I found they are also available at Amazon.

Is AJ guard a shin guard?

Be quick on your feet while staying fully protected with the Nike® J Guard Soccer Shin Guards. These durable shin shields boast an incredibly lightweight, low-profile design that stays out of the way and won’t hold you back as you charge down the field.

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How do you know what size shin guards to buy?

Use your height along with our shin guard size chart to find your correct shin guard size. The larger the shin guard size, the longer and wider they are to accommodate larger leg diameters. Shin guards should fit from just above the bend of your ankle when you flex your foot to a couple of inches below the knee.

Do pro footballers wear shin pads?

Pro players wear such small shinguards because they have acquired a BAD HABIT. Also, because FIFA doesn’t regulate the size of shinguards. I think there should be stricter rules on the size of shinguards worn, even though some will say more protection can result in more rough dangerous play.

Does Ronaldo wear shin pads?

During a football match the shin is the most exposed bone of our feet. As the football matches are intense so a player can easily injures his shin bone. Messi,Ronaldo and Neymar are no exception, they have to wear shin guards to protect themselves from injury.